Americans: supplemental

American PCs get +3 charisma, -5 wisdom.

Characters start with an extra 1000gp, but must pay 1gp for every 1hp healed.

Mounts will consume 3x more feed than normal and may explode.

American rangers’ weapons do 2x damage, and cannot be stolen while wielder remains alive or before their corpse cools to <60° (Farenheit, of course).

American fighters gain +3 to-hit versus enemies associated with the color red (skins, coats, ideologies, &c.).

American mages may spend 2e9 gp to summon a legendary fire demon, who will raze target city or fortress and poison the surrounding land, but can only do so twice, as the third summoning will trigger Ragnarok.

American clerics may sacrifice freedom at any lawful shrine to obtain a security bonus.

American bards gain reputation at 4x the normal rate, and may roll a skill check to steal songs from other races.

American rogues past level 10 are considered too big to fail any skill checks.


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